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Bikers'Days Imola

Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari


The Enzo and Dino Ferrari circuit (or Imola circuit) is a racing circuit located near the small Italian town of Imola. The circuit was named after the late Ferrari founder Enzo and his son Dino. Before the death of Enzo Ferrari in 1988, the circuit was called "Autodromo Dino Ferrari".


Rivazza, Tamburello, Villeneuve, Acque Minerali, Variant Alta ... All the legendary turns that make up the Imola circuit, 4936 meters long, with 13 left turns and 9 right turns, recognized for its technical side and difficult to 'read' but particularly generous in sensations. The variety of curves and unevenness is for sure one of the reasons for its success, especially arriving at the top of the Variante Alta before diving to the double left of Rivazza, on which neighboring buildings have a breathtaking view ... 'Little Nürburgring', as Enzo Ferrari called it one day, is undeniably a legendary circuit.

Bikers'Days Imola

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